About us

Society 5 is a collaborative project, started and maintained by Will Grant and Pia Waugh. Will comes from an academic/sociological background and Pia comes from the tech/geek community, and they thought bringing these spheres together might provide an interesting platform for a progressive and global discussion about the future of society and the Internet.

Please see below for  a short biography of each. Please note that this project does not reflect the views of either Pia nor Will’s employers.

Will Grant 

Will Grant is a political sociologist and science communicator based at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at ANU. Most of his talking / writing / thinking / reading has focused on the intersection of science, politics and society, and how this is changing in response to new technologies. Find out more at ANU or Twitter. (Will is the guy on the right, that’s Harry on the left).

Pia Waugh

Pia Waugh is a FOSS and open government geek who has also worked in the Australian IT industry for almost 10 years. She currently works in the Australian public service but has also worked for Senator Kate Lundy, at Macquarie University and did consulting for a number of years. Pia has also spent time volunteering in various tech community organisations. You can read more at her website or on her Wikipedia page.

6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Will, you need to lighten up the personal profile and maybe de-“Ralp Fiennes” the headshot a bit – it all screams “wanker” which I’m sure you’re not – EVERYONE arriving at this page can talk, write, think and read although perhaps not always well. Your aspirations for the site are admirable and I really hope you succeed. But a better self-description might be one such as that of a truly great, contemporary talker, (prolific) writer, thinker and reader – George Monbiot to wit: “Unreconstructed idealist, professional trouble-maker”. Well done you!

    • Cute dog remains sadly out of our grasp… Sufficient living space not really forthcoming at the moment ;)

      (On a side note, that reminds me that I / we will need to write about the role of urbanism in this new Society…)

  2. Perhaps we need to start thinking about non-geographic urbanism as well as the traditional geographic one. In other words, sets of people collecting together through shared interests and propensities other than those dictating they live in the same location. The idea would be that you choose your urban environment for one set of reasons but also belong to multiple other “orbans: (urb = Latin “City”; Orb = Latin “Circle / Sphere”). A bit similar to Google Plus’ Circles. Hence orbs, orbans, orbanism, suborbs etc! Fun!

    Peter (Yes, me again – apologies)

    • You are going to love the Distributed Democracy project. Just trying to get a wiki going over the coming days then I expect your full participation in helping design it ;)


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