The Distributed Democracy – building a model for the future

UPDATE: Check out the beginning of a Distributed Democracy reference model on wikispaces :) Let’s see what we can build.

In several of Neal Stephensen’s books, he talks about a “Distributed Republic”, which according to Wikipedia is the concept of:

… a fluidĀ republicĀ consisting of land and citizens scattered across the globe, changing far more frequently than conventionalĀ nation-states.

In French President Sarkozy’s speech to the eG8 last year, he spoke about the need for governments to intervene in the Internet and the heart of his argument rested on the premise that:

Nobody could nor should forget that these governments are the only legitimate representatives of the will of the people in our democracies.

But this premise is debatable. The Internet gives us the capability to have our own voice, to be our own legitimate representative in a global dialogue.

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